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The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Pool System

The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Pool System Pro Pool RepairDo you know how much money you’re spending on running your pool on a monthly basis? If you’re not using an energy-efficient, pool filter pump you might be surprised to learn how much of your energy bill is due to running your pool. You can get a rough estimate of your monthly costs here. Luckily, there’s an easy way to lower your bill and Pro Pool Repair of Boynton Beach can help. By installing an energy-efficient pool filter, and practicing some good pool care habits, you can save money and conserve energy.

According to ENERGY STAR, an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can save you over $300 a year. That’s money that can be used to buy yourself a new bathing suit or poolside lounge chairs! The difference between an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump and a conventional pool pump lies in their speed. A conventional one-speed model operate always operate at high speeds, which is unnecessary during filtration. ENERGY STAR models are available as two-speed or variable-speed models, which means that their speeds are adjusted to suit specific pool tasks.The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Pool Pump and Pool System Pro Pool Repair png

Along with installing a better pool pump, which Pro Pool Repair can do for you, you can also make your pool energy efficient by installing a pool timer, which allows you to choose filtration times. According to FPL, the recommended time for running a pool pump is 6 hours a day in the summer and 4 hours a day in the winter. You may also want to consider using a robotic pool cleaner versus your pool pump, since these types of cleaners run on low-voltage electricity. Purchasing a pool cover can also aid in conserving money and energy since a pool cover can help keep debris out of your pool (and therefore reduce your need to run your pump), helps conserve water, and minimizes the need for chemical use.

Finally, one of the easiest and most important ways to make your pool energy-efficient is to keep up with regular pool maintenance. That means, backwashing your filters if and when necessary and following any recommended manufacturer’s instructions. This also includes keeping your pool at the right temperature. Of course, if you’re likely to forget to do regular pool maintenance, it is recommended to consider hiring a pool maintenance company.

The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Pool System

There’s a lot of joy in owning a pool, but there’s a lot more joy in owning a pool that doesn’t cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars a year. If your current pool pump is over seven years old, makes a lot of noise, or overheats and shuts down, it may be time to consider installing an energy-efficient pool pump. At Pro Pool Repair we can help make your pool energy-efficient. Our pool experts are licensed and certified Florida pool and spa contractors, and we sell some of the best pool & spa equipment in town too. Don’t let another year pass you by without making your pool a “green” one. Give us a call today!