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Salt Chlorine Generators

Salt Chlorine Generators

If you are looking for a clean water solution that is equally good for your eyes and gentle on skin, then you are in the right place. We offer the low salt chlorine generator that is simple, safe, and affordable way to sanitize your pool. Our swimming pool salt chlorine generators have generally reduced the level of chlorine that not only makes it environment-friendly but also have potential benefits for yourself including less irritation to the eyes and skin in children and adults who are sensitive to chlorine.

They are also equally great for chlorine-sensitive pets like dogs and cats. Our salt chlorine generators can be easily installed on the standard filtration system, both for new and on existing pools. We are here to give your swimming pools, spas the most cost-effective, safest and simple water sanitization system available. We have salt chlorine generators for all types of above-ground and underground generators.

Installing our generators help you eliminate the need to handle toxic chlorine level in your pools and spas. It can also reduce the dangers of fire or the formation of dangerous gases caused by accumulation and mishandling of chlorine and muriatic acid.swimming pool salt chlorine generators

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Digital salt display and eight diagnostic indicators
  • Patented for maximum efficiency and flow rates
  • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure

Less Chlorine for a Better Swimming Experience

The use of a salt chlorine generator is a safest, most straightforward and more effective way to use chlorine in pools as spas as compared to traditional chlorine products. Tablet or liquid chlorine contains harsh and hazardous chemicals much stronger than the chlorine produced by salt water systems. Our generators can continuously break down the salt used through electrolysis to carry out the constant cycle of water sanitation with less chemical by-products than traditional chlorine treatments.

Pro Pool Repair

We have been providing professional help to clients for over 30 years within this industry. We repair and replace almost any make, model, and type of pool equipment available on the market. We’re available any time to answer any questions or address concerns from our clients. If you need more information, please contact us at (561) 429-5000.