Pool Timer Repairs

Pool timers help manage how much power your pool is using. When your pool is operational, the 

pool timer helps the pump pull out all the muck that begins to settle at the bottom of the pool. If you kept the pump on all the time, there would never be muck, but it doesn’t need to be on all the time. If you have the pump work from these particular times, the muck can accumulate when no one is in the pool, and then siphon it out the next day. Pro Pool Repair is here with an expert guide on what to do so let’s dive in and see why the pool timer isn’t working?

Pool Timer Malfunction

The first thing we need to do is figure out if there is any power going to the timer. So the best way to learn is to see when the timer pins are, and then fold a piece of paper on it and let it sit. Wait for 24 hours, watch Jaws, hang out in the pool. Come back. That means the power is not off, and you have to turn it on. Maybe a breaker went out.

If the pool timer does move and there are still no results, you either have to adjust the wheels or pins, or purchase a new timer. The wheel could need adjustment, which would mean that that wheel and the clock are out of sync. This is a common problem around daylight savings time when the wheels don’t match up with the electric clock.

If the wheel works maybe, it’s the pins. Take a screwdriver and cautiously adjust the tightness of the two wheels. If there is spinning on one but not the other, the pump will not work so that the screws could need light tightening or loosening. But be careful, you neither want to crack the wheel or unscrew it entirely!

Pool Timer Replacement

If all the steps above do not help, it’s time to find a new timer for your pool. We recommend calling the professionals for this. While it can be a DIY-job, it is just never worth the risk. You are dealing with high currents of electricity, play it safe and call Pro Pool Repair in Boynton Beach. We will offer a free estimate at (561) 429-5000.

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