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Pool Repair

Pool Repair in Boyton Beach FL

Our main goal is to keep pools and spas in pristine condition, so they work effortlessly for our clients. We repair pools and spas for many different reasons to ensure that every customer can receive full service when they reach out to us. We pride ourselves on quality work and professionalism.

Pool Repair in Boyton BeachOur Services

  • Pumps – If your pump is making a rumbling or screaming noise, sucking in air, leaking water, malfunctioning motor, or the water isn’t moving altogether, we can take the necessary steps to repair it back to its fullest potential. The pump maintaining working order ensured proper circulation, cleanliness, and health for everyone to enjoy.
  • Filters – Although there aren’t any risks as far as electrical damage, the filter can still experience wear and tear. If you have a damaged gasket, you could experience leakage, and lead to a full replacement. Be wary of pressure build-up or decrease inside the tank that could result in an extensive repair.
  • Automation – The purpose of an automation system is to take the work out of pool owners by offering automated functions including sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning, and filtering. It is mostly used for clients when they’re on vacation or throwing a party where they can’t attend to the pool all the time.
  • Heaters – Determining where the problem is stemming from is the most difficult part about starting to repair a pool heater. If you’re unsure of the extent of the issue, it’s best to give a professional a call.
  • Salt Systems – Common issues with salt water and chlorine generator include unnoticeable high levels of chlorine, damage on metal components, and corrosion of pool liners. We have seen it all, and we will stop at nothing to assist you.
  • Leaks – There are many different methods to check if your pool is leaking. One of the most common is using a bucket to measure the amount of evaporation, and checking to see if the levels have dropped.

Pool CleaningPro Pool Repair, Inc.

When you perform your maintenance check in your pool, look for any signs of substantial damage that may need repair. All of these pool repair services and more are part of what we specialize in. We have over 30 years in the industry that set us apart from the rest of the competition. If you notice it, give us a call at (561) 429-5000 to get started!