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What is Pool Automation?

While there still may be a need for the modern pool boy, pool automation has come a long way regarding replacing the pesky thirteen-year-olds and their cell phones. Pool automation is one of the trending ways to keep your pool clean with little to no effort. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit back and watch as your pool cleans itself?

 pool automationHow does pool automation work?

Pool automation works in a very simple manner. The pool pump rests inside its station at all times and a pre-programmed moment will descend into your pool and begin its typical pumping cycle. This will kick the dirt up from the bottom of the pool and absorb it into the pump as per usual.

By scheduling it in bursts (we recommend 4 hours each) you can minimize the number of pollutants that rest in your pool at any given time. This makes keeping a pool clean even easier. Plus with recent additions in technology, there are even wi-fi options available that let you perform the schedules from your phone when you’re not even in the house!

Is it perfect?Pool Cleaning

In short, no. The limitations of the technology are the devices themselves. While some of the advances are truly impressive and able to fix any problem, the majority of these problems are too difficult for rudimentary machines to fix. So the best way to make the most profit and have the highest pool cleanliness would be to purchase a lower quality model for right now and only schedule your pool boy to come over once a month. Let’s teach him a lesson in financial responsibility.

Pro Pool Repair

Pro Pool Repair offers all of the best pool services one could ask for in a pool company. We provide pool cleaning services, repurposing, and remodeling. If you are interested in a pool automation system and don’t know where to start, give us a call today, and we’ll be right over to help you out!