Palm Beach Pool Repair

Here at Pro Pool Repair, we believe in saving you money to meet your pool, spa and sauna needs. Pools, saunas and spas can be quite costly, but having to spend money over and over again on repairs can prove to be even more depressing. That’s why here at Pro Pool Repair, you will find honest and hard working individuals with over 30 years of experience in the pool/spa industry to guarantee the best repair work in the Palm Beach area.

Family owned and operated since 1985, countless families have been star struck by the amazing Pro Pool Repair service, giving the credit by referring friends and family with the trust that we offer the best services throughout Palm Beach. There is no match for our competition and we are prepared to fix any type of make, model or pool equipment there is. Our availability throughout the day also makes Pro Pool Repair the most accessible when emergencies happen, which can be at any given time.

Whether it’s pool heaters to give your pool a nice warm sensation or salt chlorinating systems to burn away organic waste in pool water, Palm Beach’s Pro Pool Repair has got you covered. It is important to maintain the upkeep of a pool on a regular basis to avoid as many problems that may occur, which is why we are here to help and give you the best. We also distribute pool to spa automation systems, pool pumps, filters, remodeling services and lights. Among the top items that we offer here in Palm Beach, is none other than the energy efficient pool systems that have proven to save thousands on your electric bill.

Palm Beach Pro Pool Repair takes pride in the professional labor that is provided to meet the satisfaction of our customers. We want you to be happy with your pool, especially since it is known to be one of the most relaxing places on this planet. Also, if you are not satisfied with a previous pool repair expert, we’ve got you covered to clear up any mistakes. In addition, Pro Pool Repair offers one-year parts and labor warranty to ensure the best quality service.

You can count on Pro Pool Repair to educate homeowners and pool owners about the way pools should be kept clean and what to do in case of an emergency. Knowing the facts yourself can be very beneficial and can also save you money in the long run which is why Pro Pool Repair takes the time to make sure you understand everything we put in place for you. CALL 561-429-5000 today and have us satisfy your pool needs the proper way.

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