Margate Pool Services

At Pro Pool Repair, we service every pool in Broward County, and Margate is no different. We’ve been working in the county for several years, and because of this, we have garnered quite a reputation as the best in Margate Pool Service. Each of our technicians is all 

equally trained in the standards of pro pool repair and can tackle every problem regardless of the brand or severity.

Our Services

Pool Repair – Our standard pool repair services can fix anything from complex wiring to simple tile transitions. Chlorinated water can take out anything when given enough time, don’t be caught on the wrong end of a stick and call us today!

Pool Cleaning – Pool cleaning one of the most commonly requested services on the market. When you are trying to give the pool that pearly blue shine, call the pros, and we can get it done!

Pool Installation – Not only do we repair pools, but we can also install or upgrade your pool for you. If you’ve been dreaming of adding a hot tub extension, now is the time to do so. We are available for all kinds of upgrades, call now for a special quotation!

Upgrades – Our favorite service we provide are pool upgrades. A water heater, add-on Jacuzzi, new jets, underwater lighting, fountains and slide add-ons. When you are ready to upgrade your pool, please call us because it is one of the most joyous services we provide.

Pro Pool Repair in Margate

We offer professional, honest work guaranteed by over 30 years of experience in the pool/spa industry. We can repair or replace any make, model or type of pool equipment there is. We are always available anytime of day advice is always free.

We started in the pool and spa industry in 1985. I chose to work in this industry because it is a great business to have in Florida because of all the pools. We are a Family owned and operated business.

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