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Lantana Pool Service

Do you need Pool Service in Lantana?

Professional pool Service in LantanaAre you looking for the most professional pool service in Lantana? Then you have come to the right place, Boynton Pool Repair services everyone in Palm Beach County from Lantana all the way down to the limits of Broward County. If you are looking for the best Lantana pool repair technicians in the town, we have been experts in the industry for several years and work to make your pool as beautiful and safe as possible!

Our Services

Pool Cleaning

Our standard cleaning service will have operators going to your area on a regular basis to clean the pool and inspect that all of the working parts are operating as directed.

Pool Repair

Lantana Pool ServiceWhen there are problems with your pool, it’s noticeable. From a light flickering in the pool to a motor making funny sounds around the patio. There are tell-tale signs that show your pool needs a lot of help. While there are some things that you can do yourself such as unclogging backups and small things, for most electrical repair and maintenance fixes you need to call a professional. It’s not worth risking your health.

Pool Replacement

Sometimes people want to change the pool they have completely. We can do that. We can completely rework your pool and replace it with specialty parts so that it is a completely different home.

Custom Pool Services

Sometimes there are some pool jobs that we don’t get the chance to do twice. These are your Jacuzzi installations, jet stream fixes, and heated pool installations. Call us today if you want to improve your pool services!

Pro Pool Repair

If you have a problem with your pool, you need to get it fixed. Small problems that might not seem like much can turn into big ones. Excess build up in your pool can lead to dangerous bacteria and a hive dream for mosquitos. A decommissioned light could mean frayed and exposed wires and could guarantee your next dive ends up being a permanent one. Don’t take any chances, give us a call today.