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Home Automation for Pools and Spas

Home Automation For Pools/Spas

Home is a place where you spend most of your time. A home symbolizes you and your personality and having a smart home is a dream for most residents. Pools are among the most remarkable features for a house. Home automation for pools is smart technology for involuntary maintenance of pools and spas. This device provides you with measured figures for all the eminent parameters like the pH, temperature, salinity, and cleanliness of the water.

The system can effectively calculate the concentration of the following:home automation pool and spa services

Pool/Spa Automation

  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Water level
  • Salinity

Our Features

The main features for well-organized automation of pools/spas are the water level management, water filtration, security, temperature maintenance, and automatic lighting control.

Water Level Management

It is a renowned fact that management of water levels in a swimming pool is a quite delicate factor. By way of pool automation, the level of water can be easily managed with the help of a sensor that alarms the lowering of water levels. The person can sustain the water level through the device app.

Water Filtration

The clean water is also a mandatory factor for pools and spas. A pool should run its filters with regular time intervals. The cleanliness of water has been easily checked through the app and the water filter can be easily operated online. Our filters are trustworthy and efficient on the basis of performance and one cannot find any lapse in their operation.

Temperature Maintenance

Swimming in the very hot and very cold water is not possible. Therefore, temperature maintenance is necessary. In the pool and spa automation, the temperature has been entirely managed through a command.

Pro Pool Repair, Inc.

Maintenance of your pool is no longer a problem because of Pro Pool Repair. We provide the best home automation pool and spa systems. We have designed a powerful system to check various quality factors of water by your mobile phone for the satisfactory sustentation of your pool. Call (561) 429-5000 today for more information.