Boca Raton Pool Service

At Pro Pool Repair, we services every pool in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton is no different. We’ve been working in the county for several years and because of this we have garnered quite a reputation as the best in Boca Raton Pool Service. Each of our technicians is all equally trained in the standards of pro pool repair and can tackle every problem regardless of the brand or severity.

Our Pool Services

Cleaning – Our standard cleaning service will have operators going to your area on a regular basis to clean the pool and inspect that all of the working parts are operating as directed.

Repair – Our most popular service is pool repair. Many working parts need help on a pool, the most notable being the motor and the filter. Each of our technicians will travel with standard parts that can make the repair process same-day. If not, we offer a comprehensive inspection process to find the base of the problem.

Replacement – Large-scale pool replacement services will always be around. While minor repairs are common and parts will constantly need switching out, there will occasionally be problems where large slabs need to be replaced and the like. Call us today for an on-the-phone consultation about replacing parts of your pool.

Upgrades – Our favorite service we provide are pool upgrades. A water heater, add-on Jacuzzi, new jets, underwater lighting, fountains and slide add-ons. When you are ready to upgrade your pool, please call us because it is one of the most joyous services we provide.

Pro Pool Services

We love what we do here at Pro Pool Repair. We’ve been in operation for several years and hope to stay in business for several years more. If you would like the very best in customer service and pool servicing, please give us a call today at 561-429-5000

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