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Pompano Beach Pool Service

Do you need Pool Repair in Pompano Beach?

Coconut Creek Pool serviceIf you are living in Pompano Beach, then chances are your own pool. If you don’t use your pool and let it go into a state of disrepair, you’re just spending money every month on a thing you don’t use. Did you know that if you have a pool in your house, it increases the cost of living by a marginal amount? That’s because if you don’t use your pool, you’re still being charged for the square footage of the space that could be a separate house. So why don’t you call our Pompano Beach pool service?

Our Services

Pool Repair – Our typical pool repair services are ideal for anyone who has something that isn’t working the way it should. A bad pump, a chipped lining, wobbly ladder or dead light can all be reason enough to call us and our award winning service.

Pool Replacement – Sometimes people want to change the pool they have completely. WE can do that. We can completely rework your pool and replace it with specialty parts so that it is a completely different home.

Pompano Beach Pool Service Pool Maintenance – If you are looking for monthly or even semi-annual upkeep on your pool, we offer this too! WE can help you get the most out of your pool and prevent it from ever being unused.

Specialty Pool Services – Hot tub installation, pool warmers, slide installations. There’s a whole world of specialty services that we can do as long as you ask.

Pro Pool Repair

There are numerous pool repair companies out there wanting to do as high-quality work as we provide. We want to assure you that we work harder than our competitors and are always pushing to provide the best services in the county. If you would like to learn more about our services or ongoing promotions, please give us a call today at 561-429-5000

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